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Pilates was developed in the 1920's by Joseph Pilates. 

By working on control of your body, centering, and concentration, you can achieve results such as flexibility and strength for the mind and body.

Our mat-based classes are set for different levels and experience within the Classical Pilates syllabus.  All of the classes can be used as an excellent base for improving posture and building inner core strength and stability.  All of our Pilates classes are 50 minutes and provide the perfect back-bone to any exercise regime.  Men are also welcome.

We recommend anyone new to Pilates to come along to one of our beginner classes on a Tuesday at 9.30am and Saturday at 9.00am.  Our intermediate classes are on Monday at 7.00pm, and Saturday at 10.00am, and advanced is Wednesday at 6.15pm.  We also have an open level class on Wednesday at 10.30am.  This class is catered to the level of those who come along.  Our advanced class can be attended by anyone who has completed at least 12 months at intermediate level and shows satisfactory competence at intermediate level Pilates.

All classes are free to members, and $15 to non-members.  Pilates works on a booking system as we limit our classes to 8 participants.  So avoid disappointment and contact us to book your space now.

Personal Training for mat-based Pilates

This is a great way to introduce yourself to Pilates without having to worry about keeping up with a class. Or, if you find you want more from your Pilates workouts than you are getting from your class. 

Choose one or two sessions, or go longer term for greater results. Combine with classes or dedicate solely to one-on-one sessions. You won't be disappointed!

All levels are catered for in our one-on-one sessions as well as our classes.  You don't have to be a member to reap the benefits of pilates personal training, so just chose a time that suits you and get in touch with us to begin your road to better health and body awareness.

For more information on Pilates Personal Training, or to book a session please contact us





1-1 (1 trainer 1 trainee)

1-2 (1trainer 2 trainees)

small group (min 3 trainees)
10 x 30 min
5 x 60min
8 x 60min




$20 per person