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Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing.  It is defined as the systematic manipulation of soft tissues.  It relieves sore muscles and promotes relaxation.

People choose massage for many reasons, with the most common including; relief of back pain, to release stress and tension held in the shoulders and upper back area, improve circulation, to help reduce the onset of muscular pain or cramps from exercise or PMS, aid in the healing and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries, to help relieve the pain of headache or migraine, to assist with insomnia, aid post-surgery pain relief, promote overall well-being, the list goes on....

Whatever your reason may be, you will slip away from your massage experience feeling rejuvenated but relaxed; unless of course you have a deep tissue massage! 

Nikki is qualified in massage therapy and traditional thai massage, and has experience with athletes competing in marathon and half marathon events, body builders', national level cricketers, as well as the privilege of working with athletes competing in the World Triathlon Championships.

Our massage table is a top quality, comfortable, New Zealand made table, with arm rests and an optional supported pregnancy hole for expectant mums. 

Go on, treat yourself!

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