personal training

Personal Training is a vital part of success in achieving your personal goals.

At O2 Exercise, Personal Training can be done either one on one, one on two (the trainer and two trainees), or in a small group (the trainer and three or four trainees).  This is a fun and effective way of achieving your goals and getting the most out of your training.  What we do in these sessions is dependent on your goals, and may include weight training, boxing, cardio exercise, stretching, core work etc.

Whether your goal is to increase your muscle mass, lose body fat, train for a specific sporting event, body building, increase strength, recover from an injury, or get fit, Nikki or Reno can design a specific program to suit your needs.

Because Personal Training is so effective we recommend all new members take up our eight session starter pack to create an exercise habit and have weekly contact with us.  This will ensure you are training to your full potential, you have correct technique, and you are constantly challenged so as not to reach a plateau.

You don't have to be a member of O2 Exercise to reap the benefits of Personal Training.

For more information regarding having a Personal Trainer, or to book a session, please contact us.

See Pilates page for Pilates specific Personal Training.





1-1 (1 trainer, 1 trainee)

1-2 (1 trainer, 2 trainees)

small group (3-4 trainees)
5 x 60min
8 x 60min
10 x 30 min




$20 per person

We currently have no spaces in our group sessions

Late cancellation or no show may result in a cancellation fee or forfeiting the session